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I have been looking for a really good backpack for over a year now and since I am very picky with what I buy, I didn’t just want to buy something that didn’t completely meet my needs and call it a day.

If you are also looking for a really sturdy backpack with style and meaning that is vegan and waterproof, look no further.

Today I’d like to introduce you to a Danish company called grünBAG that uses upcycled materials to create functional bags in a stylish design.

I first learned about grünBAG when we interviewed the founder for a project at Uni. Impressed with their mission to create value out of what would have otherwise been trash, I was more than happy to try out two of their backpacks and write a review for you guys.

I particularly like my grünBAG backpack for uni, as it is incredibly spacious and fits not only my laptop, calender, pencil case and lunch box etc. with ease but also doesn’t seem to lose its practical and minimalist shape.

Since I am often out all day, I need my backpack to be durable enough to hold all of my things, while spreading the weight evenly. With the 2 backpacks I have tried, the soft inner part of the shoulder straps does exactly that, plus they are made of thermal suits from Viking Life-saving equipment. How cool is that!

The backpack itself is made of remnants and offcuts of truck tarpaulins and the shoulder straps are made of soda bottle fabric.

If you have been to Denmark before you’ll know that a waterproof backpack is about as necessary as it gets, especially during the winter time, which is why I am particularly happy to report that my grünBAG did indeed keep all my things dry and protected.

Overall I have been very impressed with this company, with their transparent approach to growing a sustainable business and with their wonderful vision to promote sustainability whenever possible.

Besides Backpacks, Grünbag sells a variety of high-quality bags and pouches, some of which have a multi-purpose use. Find out more about grünBAG via their website, follow them on Facebook and connect with them via Instagram.

*This post contains has been created in collaboration with GrünBag, however, I would never write about something I don’t truly stand behind and support. Read more about my disclosure policy.




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