Rethink Activism Festival Aarhus

2 weeks ago, I went to a little Festival called Rethingk Activism Festival in Aarhus down at Sydhaven, which is a fantastic little festival with the main focus on sustainability, circular economy and environmental activism.

Next to morning meditations, speaking circles and a fantastic, wholesome program for kids, they had also organised very interesting talks and discussions with topics like ” Everyday Presence – is it active-ism?” Where it was discussed whether “attending a festival, reading the news, participating in a debate or sitting at dinner can be helpful for the world”.

The festival took place all around Sydhavn following with a wide range of activities, food and great businesses introducing their forward thinking concepts.

And what would a good festival be like without good food.

I am talking freshly baked sour dough pizza, cinamon buns, juice bars, ethical chocolate bars and delicious soups and fried veggie rice.

The festival also had one stand where they would cook meals out of the produce they found when dumpster diving and served it to the attendees for free.

The festival also didn’t fall short on introducing local artists and their work.

And you could even get a haircut outside, while listening the unbelivably talented pianist and his band that gave a concert right next to the hairdresser. All in all it was a fantastic day and I am looking forward to next years festival.

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