“Ohne Wenn und Abfall” Book Launch

Let me tell you about an event that left me inspired, motivated and filled with genuine happiness for at least the next 6 months.This week I travelled all the way to Berlin to participate in the book launch of Milena Glimbovski’s new book called “Ohne Wenn und Abfall” ( English: “Without if’s and Garbage”…it makes sense in German I swear.”).

Despite a little dilemma that included a 4-hour bus delay which led to me missing most of the actual book reading, I still got to participate a little, take in the atmosphere and connect with lovely like-minded people that had the same interest and curiosity for the topic of Zero Waste.

The book “Ohne Wenn und Abfall” is as Milenas curated insight into her Zero Waste lifestyle. From how she founded the first Zero Waste Shop in Germany called “Original Unverpackt“, to a glimpse of how she handles everyday activities with a sustainable approach to helpful recipes and starter tips for everyone interested in adopting a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. To be honest, the trip would also just have been worth it for the food alone. The treats they offered were not just made from locally sourced and Zero Waste goods, they were also the kind of treats that leave your mouth watering for weeks to come.

To mark the occasion, we even got to eat one of the most delicious, gooey zucchini chocolate cakes I have ever eaten. I might as well never have chocolate cake again, it would be no comparison to this one.

Milena is the kind of woman you meet and instantly feel like you’ve known her forever. She lightens up every room with just a lagom amount of charm, and her sarcastically funny personality instantly inspires you to be yourself unapologetically.All in all, I travelled 24 hours just to be there for 2 and let me tell you: I’d do it again in a heartbeat.  Now excuse me while I finish my last chapter.*

* Come back tomorrow for the actual book review.



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