Sustainable Skin Care Routine

In times of facetune, afterlight and viscocam, there seems almost no need to strive for great skin, as it is incredibly easy to hide and cover blemishes and uneven spots.

I see my skin as a powerful organ and a great indicator of whether I am healthy, in need of a detox or more sleep right or wrong.

These tips won’t be groundbreaking things you have never heard of, but things I genuinely do on a daily basis in order to improve my skin.

Plant-based Diet

No post about healthy skin would be complete without me mentioning a change in diet. I am not a vegan but I am someone who thrives on a plant-based diet.

I grew up in a vegetarian household where we eat raw salads before every cooked meal, whole grains, delicious vegetables and juicy and delicious fruits. As a result of that, I went through puberty without any breakouts and without period pains.

The reason why I know this was due to living on a plant-based diet is that I have also tried living the opposite. When I moved into my own place and started university, I started eating meat, eat more cooked foods and fewer salads and fresh fruits and my skin changed.

I gained a significant amount of weight, had regular skin breakouts, severe period pain and felt fatigue All. The. Time. I guess I had to go through a phase of stretchmarks and cellulite in order to accept that my mom has been right all along. When I started living a Zero Waste lifestyle, I also switched back to a plant-based diet, with exception of my grandma’s duck on Christmas and my friends incredible bone broth soup.

My body now is sensitive enough to give me signals right after I had food I shouldn’t have and I have learned to listen to it and to avoid the foods that work against me.

Drink Water

Water with lemon in the morning, berry-infused water during the day, fresh herbal tea in the evening. Your skin will thank you!


This is the one thing I am really bad at but trying to improve. I always go to bed too late and since I am a morning person, sleeping in is not in my cards. I can’t even try to get an afternoon nap every now and then because once I am down, I won’t get up until the next day. I try to get at least 7 hours of sleep and currently I am trying out sleeping on the floor, which has definitely improved the quality of my sleep.

Sweat it out

Personally, I looooove pilates and try to go to a class at least 3 times a week.

I also go to a dance class called Dancefit 4 times a week and I couldn’t recommend dance classes more.

Endorphins, rush, fun, music, sweat, and sexy dance moves all in one class – what more could you seriously ask for?!

A bit of extra

If I am preparing for a special date or event or just want to look my absolute best, I can’t dismiss the amazing benefits of going to a sauna. Sweating out all of the toxins without having to do a workout, um…..dream!

Face Mask for the glam factor

I am not a fan of face masks but I discovered the matcha face mask when I wanted to use up my matcha powder and it is pure magic, leaves my skin so smooth, evens out my skin tone and works so well that even boyfriend enjoys the occasional green face mask (but pssst).

Alcohol detox

Alcohol makes me break out the next day, which is why I usually avoid it and save my favourite cocktails for special occasions.


I have never really been someone to use make-up on a regular basis. For me, mascara and lipliner are all I need for a fancy occasion and otherwise I am more than satisfied with a good homemade peppermint lip balm and a moistorising face lotion.


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