How I Avoid Procrastinating on the Internet

We’ve all done it, we’ve all been there. That moment when you watch the viral video on Youtube your friend just sent you and two hours later you find yourself exploring YouTubes suggested video section until you know all about how girrafs mate, how to make a rainbow cake and whether Prince Harry will actually propose to Meghan Markle, realizing you just spent 2 hours of your time doing “nothing”. Sometimes I think those hours of doing nothing should be embraced, other times there’s just no room for such tempting procrastination. I have had my fair share of trial and error when it comes to social media distraction and sometimes I am still trying to find my balance.

I have however implemented a few simple measures in order to manage my time on the Internet without getting distracted from what I came to do.

Here is what works for me: 

Read instead of watch
I love blogs and I love watching YouTube videos. However, I found that since there is almost an indefinite amount of videos you can watch, it is very hard to find a balance. For some reason watching videos makes me less productive then when I read an article, which is why I started reading the Youtubers blogs instead of watching their videos. It is easier for me to stop reading blogs and get to work. 

Set a limit
When I do feel like I want to reward myself and indulge in some YouTube videos I give myself a time frame in which I can do that. This way I will be the one in charge of what I do when and won’t be led by temptation. To view videos, I actually don’t go to the YouTube channel but I watch it over, which is a site where you basically just type in a search term or the URL of the video you want to watch and it will show the video to you without any distractions like video suggestions or any other kind of advertisement.

Block the site if necessary.

Since YouTube videos are my biggest Internet vice, I also use the
block site for my firefox browser or the self-control app on my computer, which is an that prevents
you from having access to “dangerous” sites during the times you need to be productive.

It is ok to unfollow your friends on facebook!

The next thing I recently did was to unfollow those friends on facebook who I occasionally want to keep in touch with, but don’t necessarily want to be spammed with everything they share on a daily basis. They will never know that you unfollowed them and I think it’s a nice way to avoid facebook spam.

How to unfollow your friends: 
If you access FB through, click ▼ on the top right blue bar, click
News Feed Setting, click People on the left, you’ll see who you’re
following or not, just click Following to unfollow.
If you access FB
through m.FB or FB app, click Menu, scroll down, you’ll see Manage News
Feed, click it, then follow the same steps as above.

Little tip from me to you

Since I am a student and I occasionally work late on my computer,  I have had a few issues with falling asleep after a long session of being on the Internet. When my mom sent me an article about how blue light can affect your sleeping patterns,  I did some research and found a website called that lets you download a feature that “makes the color of your computer’s display adapt to the time of day”. It basically turns the light on your computer screen into a warm orange at night and I have not had problems falling asleep after an “all -nighter” ever since.

I hope these tips were somewhat helpful and I would love to know how you avoid procrastinating on the Internet. Leave a comment or connect with me via social media ( hihi ironic).

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