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When it comes to swim wear, I am definitely a monogamous type of girl. I opt for a good quality piece that I really like and stick with it 😉

I have had my go-to bathing suit for 10 years and since it is now getting a bit tight around my wobbly bits, let’s call them feminine curves, and the material has slowly started to deteriorate, I decided to go on a hunt for a new piece that I will love and use for the next 10 years and hopefully longer.

Of course, sustainability plays a big role in my search for my new bikini, and since I found a few really great sustainable options, I decided to share them with you:

Shop Preloved

3 reasons to shop preloved

  • Find unique pieces: You will be amazed by how many bathing suits and bikinis you can find, especially on the second-hand online market, with their price tag still attached.
  • Save money: Shopping second-hand gives you more options for shopping for high-quality pieces at a low price without breaking the bank.
  • Be environmentally conscious: By shopping second-hand, you prevent another item from going to landfill and save natural resources that would have been used to create a new bathing suit. Most bathing suits are made of synthetic fibres, which are not biodegradable and we definitely don’t need more oil to be drilled from the ground to create another fast fading swim suit model.

Another great option is to support a high-quality, sustainable business, that aims to make a difference and cares about their employees. The following 3 companies are wonderful examples of companies that implement exactly those core values and I can highly recommend you to check them out and give them a go if you are not down to purchasing a bathing suit preloved.


If you are looking for a classic cut, the bikinis from A day are the ones you want to have a look at. Not only is their design, cut and style absolutely timeless, the beautiful pieces are also a “two in one” option as they are reversible, which makes them compatible with almost everything you have hanging in your closet.

Mara Hoffmann

This might just be my favourite swim suit brand EVER!!! Not only does Mara Hoffmann have amazing, unique patterns, the fit is incredible and the cut of both bathing suits and bikinis is really flattering, even for curvy bodies like mine.


I know Anekdot from having bought underwear there in the past and I have to say, besides their pieces always being top notch quality, versatile and chique, they have the best customer service I have ever encountered.

I am curious, what are your go to brands for sustainable swim suits?





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  1. August 4, 2017 / 6:28 pm

    Thank you so much for this blog post! I’ve just recently started my journey onto sustainable and ethical fashion, so it astounds me that your swimsuit lasted you 10 years! I mean, I guess it should because I rarely go swimming in the summer and/ or to the beach. Also these suits that you shared are absolutely gorgeous. Thank you!

    Natalie | Natalie’s Alchemy

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