Back to School with The Wise House


August means back to school|uni|work for many and since I recently came across a site that might just possibly the best site for back to school items, sustainable gift ideas and all around useful sustainable treats, I decided to share it with you and – on top of that – treat you to a discount code at the end. Are you ready?!

Meet The Wise House!

The Wise House is an eco- conscious independent shop based in Hampton, London, that sells the most exquisite range of sustainable items from beautiful lunch boxes, to water bottles, to tea towels …. <3Sometimes it can be hard to shop sustainably online, as many items come in unforeseeable packaging that we then have to figure out what to do with.

Lucy, the founder and owner of this beautiful shop, was kind enough to send me a set of the most beautiful, well made tea towels from The Wise House, on which you will get to read another blog post next week. After I received the tea towels, held together with a compostable ribbon and plastic free packaging, I knew, I absolutely had to tell you about this company.

Back to School Discount

Since it’s back to school season, you might still be looking for one or the other item to perfect your lunch kit. Lucy was kind enough to provide all of us with a discount code for all components of a packed lunch e.g. lunch boxes, lunch bags, snack bags, sandwich wraps, bee’s wrap, bottles, food flasks and food containers, you name it.

Simply use WASTED10 for a 10 % discount on all lunch box variations.

If you have only just decided to create your own lunch kit to save yourself from unplanned craving attacks and unhealthy, overpriced take out options, I suggest using the discount code for the Lunch-To-Go Kit which is an easy way to put together everything you might need for a packed lunch.

The Wise House is a perfect place to go to if you want to start accumulating sustainable items for a more sustainable lifestyle and I cannot recommend it enough.

I think it is also important to say that besides Lucy gifting me the tea towels, this post is in no way a sponsored post and I am only writing this because I truly believe that The Wise House is a wonderful site to shop from with good conscience.

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