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Today I want to introduce you to a company called KALO Kopenhagen, a newly founded subscription-based clothing rental service, that takes part in changing the conversation around personal style and fast fashion and introduces the sharing economy to the fashion world in Denmark.

I will be trying out their service during the month of June and I’ll share all about it on my blog and Instagram but until then, I was able to get an exclusive interview with KALO Kopenhagen, where they explain more about the concept and mission of their newly founded company.

Ok, first things first, could you tell me a little about the KALO Kopenhagen and when it started? How did you come up with the idea of creating a subscription-based closet?

KALO Kopenhagen is a fashion company trying to rethink your wardrobe. By renting high-end fashion to women all over Denmark, we make the dream of the endless wardrobe come true – while setting new sustainable standards for the fashion industry. Circular fashion is the future of fashion and it is already here.

KALO Kopenhagen started as a fun idea in 2015 among good friends. After spending time building a business case, talking to brands and researching about the concept it became more than a fun idea. We decided to create the company KALO Kopenhagen and try to create the future of fashion.

The name KALO Kopenhagen comes from Kalobiotik which means “the art of beautiful living” being our daily inspiration for what we do. Looking beautiful and living in a beautiful manner at the same time is our vision.

The idea behind KALO Kopenhagen started as a combination of a passion for fashion and an instant passion for the sharing economy. The founders learned about that more than 2-3 years ago and got very passionate about it. We saw that Denmark already had a brand for sharing children’s clothes and we thought, why not for women?

I really love the idea of having a curated, fashionable closet that changes every month but I was wondering what happens to the clothes once they are worn out or simply out of style?

When we don’t feel that we can rent out the styles anymore we sell the styles to subscribers (at a very low price) who have fallen in love with the styles and want to own them. We don’t get rid of styles just because it is out of fashion because we have learned that what is attractive for some women is not for others and vice versa. And as you and me we keep our clothes in the closet if we love them even if they are last season. KALO keeps styles season after season because we love them and they still make you look fabulous season after season. It is important to mention, that we do not keep styles if they do not match our standard and level of quality. Our customers expect that the clothes look good when they rent it.

When it comes to fashion, it can be quite challenging to stay on top of the trends without participating in the fast fashion market. What was your journey towards developing the style for KALO Kopenhagen? And how do current trends factor into it?

The KALO wardrobe is a combination of classics that will be in fashion year after year combined with the latest news. We only collaborate with brands in the medium and high-end segment so that we know that the quality of the styles is good and will last longer than fast fashion. Further, the main target group of KALO Kopenhagen is female professionals. Their dress code in this segment changes less due to corporate dress codes, and our styles last season after season. Good quality and classic feminine style never go out of fashion. We try to focus more on good taste than trends. Also, we like to focus on the fact, that good style is often to combine the newest fashion with something from last year, just because it looks good!

I am really interested in what the selection process is like and how you get the clothes for your KALO Kopenhagen? Do you collaborate with brands? Are there particular brands you focus on?

The brands that we collaborate with are visionary brands who feel that fashion is changing and they want to develop. We collaborate with brands who are passionate about quality, fashion, and progress. Of course, it is a big advantage when the brands are conscious about sustainability like Filippa K and Dorothee Schumacher, and we hope many more brands will follow their lead.

What role does sustainability play in your company’s practices and do you factor it into your purchasing decisions for new pieces?

We try to think sustainably in our processes. For example:

  • We return all the metal hangers that we don’t use to our dry cleaner every month so that they can reuse it.
  • The bags that we ship the styles to our customers in have two closings so that the same bag can be used to send the styles back again.
  • We reuse the plastic bags that the dry cleaner delivers our clothes in.
  • We repair clothes that are broken to make it last longer.

What is your favorite piece in the current KALO Kopenhagen closet? What can we expect from KALO Kopenhagen in the future?

Currently, we are in love with everything that screams spring and summer. So we are wearing the pink suit from Pieszak – actually 2016 spring collection. And the new Filippa K bomber jacket from the SS17 collection in white. Oh and of course we always love to wear silk during summertime ?

I can’t wait to try out their service, feel free to check out their website and let me know which items you like best in the comment section below.


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