Reduce Food Waste On the Go


Today I would like to introduce you to a wonderful app called Foodkeepr ( available for Android and iOS)

One of the biggest misconceptions about waste reduction is that it is time-consuming and expensive, yet according to Foodkeepr, over $200 billion of fresh food is wasted yearly, due to people forgetting what’s in their fridge. To help save money, time and the planet, Foodkeepr has created an app that combines everything I love about technology, which is efficiency and convenience, with sustainability and waste reduction.

The Foodkeepr App is a smart shopping list that helps you reduce your food waste by reminding you when the food is expiring by automatically calculating the expiry date of the food on your shopping list.

Here’s how it works:

  • Prepare the shopping list based on what you need in your fridge.
  • Once you’re in the store you can simply check off the item, which is perfect for people like me who always forget one or two items if not written down.
  • Now to my favorite part of the App. Based on when you checked off the item on the list, the app automatically calculates when your fresh produce will expire and set the date in your calendar, which makes it so much easier to keep track of food going bad even if you’re not home a lot.
  • If you do have food that is about to go bad but you have no idea what to cook with said item, Foodkeepr even finds recipes for you to try out using what’s left in your fridge I mean……what better more could you ask for in an app.

I also encouraged my boyfriend, who doesn’t live a Zero Waste lifestyle, to try out the app and he really likes the idea of basically organizing your fridge on your phone as that gives him more flexibility and a better overview when out and about and while having a busy schedule.

I highly encourage you to try out the app Foodkeepr for yourself and let me know your honest opinion in the comments below or via social media.

Download the app here:





  • Polly
    March 22, 2017

    Very cool! I’m definitely going to give this a look!

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