Valentine’s Day – The Zero Waste Way

 Just because we don’t want to feed into the massive consumerism that goes on around Valentine’s Day, it doesn’t mean that we have to deprive ourselves of the treats that come with this romantic day. As a matter of fact, here are some tips on how to make Valentine’s Day truly special while doing something good for the environment.

1. Name a Star after your Valentine

Naming a star might be cheesy, but that’s what Valentine’s Day is all about right?! I would suggest going full out and naming a binary star, which is made up of two stars orbiting around each other.
Cheesy and romantic at the same time!

2. Go see a play/movie

….but bring your own snacks!

I love movie nights! I am a sucker for romcoms and I love good snacks.

If you’re looking for a delicious movie snack, check out my recipe for homemade popcorn

If you prefer to stay home, use a streaming site like Netflix as opposed to buying a DVD, so much easier, cheaper and less wasteful.

Because looking at all the romcom options can be quite an overwhelming task, I have created a little list of the romcoms I love and have watched more than once ?About Time Stuck in Love |  The Last Kiss  |  Bridget Jones  |  Friends with Benefits When Harry Met Sally  |

3. Give organic sulfite free wine/ Cook dinner

For Valentine’s Day dinner I’d choose something light yet fancy. I prefer a nice variety of homemade Brown Rice Sushi or Quinoa Sushi.

For your Valentine’s Day drink I can highly recommend the delicious Grapefruit Delight, which not only serves you about the right amount of alcohol for the night but saves you tons and tons of calories by only using natural ingredients and even adds a few health benefits in the mix. Since the drink is half water half alcohol, you won’t even risk a hangover in the morning which, should you decide to stay over, ensures you a clear head for a lovely breakfast date ?

Another option is a nice bottle of sulfite-free organic wine – sound less romantic but is so much tastier!
For that, you can go to a winery and have them fill up your bottle on the
spot, most organic wineries will be happy to do that for you.

4. Give sustainable lingerie

Giving lingerie for Valentine’s Day is very special and intimate. You can make it even more special by making sure that you’re purchasing gorgeous lingerie that is non-toxic and organic lingerie.

My 3 great go-to addresses for those organic treasures are Azura Bay , Only Hearts and Anek.

5. Write a Love Letter or (e-) Card

If you want to go out of your way, try making your own paper to write your love letter on, or use it to make a very unique and personal Valentine’s Day Card. If you are looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day e-card,  Paperless post provides you with an amazing selection of e-cards, that not only look special and unique but there is also an option to personalize the cards and put
it in cute e-packaging. That way you can express your feelings in the most sustainable way while still going the traditional romantic route.

6. Buy Ethical and Eco-Friendly Jewelry

I love the idea of buying second-hand jewelry, having it polished, cleaned and personalized with his/her initials.

Alternatively, you can opt for buying jewelry from sustainable jewelers. I am particularly fond of the designs by Hanna Naomi, an amazingly talented designer, based in Portland Oregon, whose designs stand out by focusing on minimalist and classy shapes. Clearly one of my favorite jewelers!!! 7. Make your own Valentine’s Day Dates

A Zero Waste and healthy alternative to all the harmful sweets out there, but guaranteed equally delicious. Find the recipe here.

8. Give Time

Sign the two of you up for a class that you’ve always wanted to take.
There is nothing more romantic than giving a gift that says ” I want to spend even more time with you”.

Here are some ideas:

Learn an instrument
Take a dance class
Learn a new language together
Go to an organic wine tasting
Get a gym membership and take classes together
Take a class at university
Sign up for a yoga class
Go on a hiking trip

9. Stay somewhere new for the night

Whether this is a sustainable hotel, a friend’s apartment or renting an Airbnb for the night, staying somewhere else can spice things up a bit and is a fun little experience, that doesn’t have to cost a lot.

10. Speaking of staying over:  Stay Safe

I am all for having fun….but responsibly! There is an amazing brand called Sustain, who made it their mission to produce Nitrosamine free condoms that are made out of fair trade rubber and they even use recycled packaging.

I know, I know this is not a Zero Waste option but it is the best option out there when it comes to protecting yourself from STD’s and when it comes to my health, I’d rather be safe than sorry!

Happy Valentine’s Day


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