Sustainable Indulgences

Even though living Zero Waste made me a happier, more reflected person, I too have days (or weeks) where things just don’t go my way and I get frustrated. One of the things I learned the hard way was that if I don’t take care of myself, my body will go on strike and force me to pay attention when it is most inconvenient.

Especially during the Winter months, it is important to turn our attention inwards and listen when we’re signaled to take a break. I have now gotten into a routine where I identify and realize that I need a break before I get sick and overwhelmed and take a few simple steps towards focusing on my health and wellness.

Here are my top 15 tips for Zero Waste indulgences that feed the soul

Go for a walk and explore nature. Put on comfortable clothes in which you can run and feel like a child and then go explore. Listen to music while you do it.

Drink tea

But like, the fancy way. Put a lot of effort into it, chose your favorite mug, make yourself a yummy snack and pick out a book or try to write a few poetic sentences while drinking your favorite tea.

Take a bath

Try different oils, essential oils and herbs, throw in a bunch of flowers and make it smell like the most luxurious bath in the world. I get bored while taking baths so a nice drink and a good book or movie are mandatory for me.


To me, there is no better feeling than simplifying and getting rid of the things I don’t need.

This way I make more space for the things I love and it makes living a Zero Waste life more manageable.

Decluttering books I can highly recommend are: The Curated Closet and The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Create a piece of art

But without restrictions and a lot of color. Photograph, sing, sew, draw, write, practice a play ( my favorite play to play is “Saint Joan of the Stockyards” by Bertold Brecht).

Read a book

But not the book that you’ve been storing away for too long, the one you should read but never really felt like reading. Go to the library and stroll through your favorite sections, or find out what your favorite sections are. Find a book that really interests you in the moment and bring it to a place you always wanted to read in.

Write a letter

But not one of those fast impatient letters we are used to. Write one that comes from the heart. A letter that means more than the words in it.

Build a tent in your home

This might be random but it really is a lot of fun. Build yourself a cosy nook and be a kid again for a little while.

Meet a friend

Preferably at their place or at a coffee shop so you’ll have to go outside and look presentable and don’t have the stress of having to entertain. Sometimes a good conversation is all we need to give us perspective.

Visit family

The first thing I do when I visit my family is have a bite to eat and then sink into the couch for the best afternoon nap. Being with my family makes me feel at ease, comfortable and taken care of and it is the perfect way to rejuvenate after a stressful time.

Go and see a movie

Bring your own snacks and make it a special day. I like to bring sushi in my reusable stainless steel container and my favorite drink in my mason jar.

Go to a museum

But one that interests you. I have stopped going to museums that I should go to and started going to museums that really interest me. It’s a completely different experience. I love connecting with an artist vision and trying to get into their heads

Join a workout class

I love this one. When I am down, I usually don’t work out by myself. But going to a dance class lifts my mood and helps me with anxiety. It gives me life and I feel amazingly empowered after every single time.

Have a raw food day

This is what I do when I feel bad about myself or my body or have no energy.

I eat veggies and delicious salads, drink a lot of water and tea and make raw desserts to spoil myself. If you happen to be in a city that has a raw food restaurant, treat yourself to a few of their delicious goods and refuel on vitamins.

Force yourself

This might seem counterproductive but sometimes all I need is a kick in the butt to get started.

Sometimes even doing something good for our bodies seems like too much effort, which makes it necessary to occasionally force ourselves to do something good for ourselves. If I am getting sick and I force myself to the farmers market to get fresh, healthy and delicious produce it will be worth it. If I am out of energy and I force myself to go to a dance fit class, I am guaranteed to come out smiling and ready for a night out. If I am feeling uninspired and bored and I force myself to sit down and intentionally listen to music, write poetry or learn English, I consider it a day well spent.

Let me know what you do to rejuvenate, I’d love to expand my list.

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