My Sisterly Valentine


It’s Valentine’s Day! The Day of expectations, chocolates and flowers.

Living a Zero Waste lifestyle doesn’t mean that I cannot follow the trend and celebrate Valentine’s Day with my significant other, my friends or my favorite piece of chocolate cake. To me, however, it means evaluating and finding my own personal reason for celebrating this day. Living a sustainable lifestyle is about having a choice and the responsibility to do what aligns with my values is solely on me.

I still celebrate Valentine’s Day. But instead of making a big deal of having a date, chocolates and flowers, I make sure that I do something for somebody else I love.

There is a Mothers Day, Fathers Day but not really a day to celebrate my siblings who I adore so much. So I decided that I wanted to make Valentine’s Day about my sisters.

They are the loves of my life and I always want to make them feel like they are enough, that they don’t need anyone to complete them and that they are so, so loved.

I love the idea of starting a book of Valentine’s Day and Birthday wishes as opposed to buying a new card every year. People tend to lose them anyway so having a little book with a special message every year might be a little more meaningful.

As I live about a thousand kilometers away from my sisters, sending an e-card is the most convenient and, in my opinion, the next best thing after a handwritten note.

I like to send special cards via Paperless Post as they just have the most adorable customizable prints.

I send them via email and they arrive in a cute envelope of my choice with stamps and everything. Definitely the cutest Zero Waste last minute gift idea!

Don’t get me wrong, in my opinion there is nothing wrong with celebrating Valentine’s Day with your partner. As a matter of fact, I have even written a little list of Zero Waste things you can do for Valentine’s Day that are meaningful and won’t break the bank.

However, I love choosing and creating my own traditions and I like having a day to remind myself to always set a good example of self-love and self-acceptance for my sisters who are still in their teens.

Valentine’s Day to me is about showing them that I am ok with who I am and that I love them for who they are.

Happy Valentine’s Day

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