Homemade “Gatorade”

Exactly one year ago I decided to make fitness a regular part of my life. Since then I have tried out many workouts and lots of recipes to complement them. I refuse to take supplements or any kind of protein powders, as I truly believe in the restorative powers of food, drink and sleep.

However, a little workout treat never hurt anybody and I love a little extra boost during the day.

This “Gatorade” recipe is 100% natural and tastes……I mean…there is simply no word for it ….but ridiculously delicious comes pretty close.

Here is what you need

Here is what you do

  1. Add the honey to the water first and stir until fully dissolved.
  2. Then add salt, berries and lime juice, throw in an ice cube or two and enjoy.

Yes, it’s that easy and 1000 times better for you and the environment than the stuff you can find in stores.

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