Winter Capsule Wardrobe

I love, love, love thrift shopping.

That feeling when you find the perfect piece in perfect condition for a perfect price: Ironically priceless!!!

Since there are no second-hand stores close to where I live, I usually order my preloved goods on eBay or a German site called Kleiderkreisel.

Even though I believe in supporting ethical fashion brands and think it is important to vote with what we buy, I am still a student on a budget who doesn’t necessarily have the means for more expensive clothing.

Luckily, there is already so much preloved fashion out there right now, that buying new clothing is not even necessary.

Plus: It is not only good for the environment, it is also soooo muuuuuuch cheaper!!!


How my wardrobe has changed since I buy preloved: 

I dress better: Since I mostly buy online, I usually have an idea on what I want to get
next. This means that I have already thought about how it will be mixed
and matched with my current capsule wardrobe and I am less likely to
buy something out of impulse or something that won’t go with what I
already have in my closet.

My clothing is of better quality:
Believe me, I was surprised too when I realized that ever since I have a
capsule wardrobe I think carefully about what my next purchase will be
and if I decide to add a piece of clothing to my capsule wardrobe,
I automatically make sure that it is of very good quality. Also buying
new clothing of excellent quality is usually quite pricey, but since I
am buying my things preloved, I have more options of finding quality
items that will last me a very long time.

I still support Eco-fashion brands by purchasing their items preloved:
Eco-fashion needs to be seen more often and brands that dedicate their
time and effort to fashion in a sustainable and ethical way, deserve and
need recognition and support. I specifically search for ethical brands
first, when looking for a piece of clothing, believe me, there is more
out there than you think.

I get my clothes altered: Getting
my clothes altered is quite new to me. Before, when I was mostly buying
fast fashion items, I never even thought about getting something
altered because buying a new item would have been cheaper. Or so I
thought. Recently, one of my zippers broke, which the tailor fixed for
me for only 5 Euros. What a bargain!

I save so much money:
Probably my main motivator is the fact that I save soooo muuuch money,
with which I can buy organic groceries, go to concerts, go to dinner
with friends or save for amazing trips I am planning on going on.

If you need some tips on how to prepare for a preloved goods shopping trip”, read my blog post here

Since I was so full of energy today, I made a little video, where I show you my favorite preloved
fashion items.

I hope my tips were helpful, hope you have great day and an even better preloved shopping experience!


  • melanie
    April 13, 2017

    where do you purchase clothes second hand?

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