Fall Lust List

Since I am a girl on a budget, I don’t just go out and buy the things I think I need. Instead, I create little lust lists on which I put everything I want, so I can keep my eye out for cheap finds in second-hand stores and get the best deals on the best quality.

I search in second-hand stores first, then on eBay and if I really can’t find the thing I need anywhere else, I will purchase it new, while making sure that  I support a sustainable brand and that the item has no packaging or at the very least recyclable packaging.

My seasonal lust lists are not to encourage you to buy these items. They are little collages of the things I am thinking of buying or have spent a long time looking for. This list could rather function as a potential gift guide,  an inspiration for capsule wardrobes or other Zero Waste swaps you might not have thought about . If you are looking to purchase any of these items, I highly encourage you to look for them second-hand first, which will be way cheaper and so much better for the environment.

This post contains affiliate links*, however, all the things on my Lust List are from sustainable brands that I trust and I will never promote anything that isn’t in alignment with my values.


1: Dotted Socks

With Fall season about to end and Winter approaching, I make sure that my 7 pairs of socks are intact and hole free. If I have a pair that can’t be saved, I like to purchase a new pair of socks from a sustainable brand, like the adorable dotted socks from Zady.

2: Cozy scarf

For the longest time, I have been looking for a cozy scarf to keep me warm and that could,  same time, function as a blanket when I need one. I only have a very thin silk scarf in my capsule wardrobe, which means I will most likely purchase one similar to this one from Grüne Erde ( but probably preloved).

3: Kindle eReader

The days are getting shorter and it gets dark quickly. Nothing is better than cuddling up inside with a cup of hot peppermint tea and a good book or magazine. I used to read magazines to amass but purchasing printed magazines is very wasteful and unnecessary, especially if you can read most of them trash free on your e-reader. I already have an e-reader and even though it doesn’t quite substitute a book it wins in convenience and sustainability, considering how many books and magazines I would buy otherwise.

4: Classic Notebook

I don’t go anywhere without my notebook. No, I am not exaggerating, I use it as my calendar, my diary, my sketchbook and for my endless lists. It is, however, hard to find notebooks second-hand,  so the next best thing is to buy them from a sustainable company.

5: Montblanc Fountain Pen

Ok ok I will probably never purchase this beautiful pen, I just really love it and I love that …..besides ….its my Lust List so I can do what I want 🙂

6: Mason Jar

With the cold season approaching, I find myself in more and more need for hot beverages to sustain me throughout the day, which is why my mason jar is a must-have at the moment. If you’re looking to buy one, I highly recommend purchasing one with a handle, since I think it makes it easier to drink hot drinks out of it.

7: Black Booties

I’ve been eyeing these for about 2 months and I am currently saving up my heard earned coins to purchase these bad boys. If I was a shoe, I’d be a black bootie. I lived in mine for the last 2 years but as they were purchased (second-hand) from a fast fashion brand they have reached their limit. I even brought them to a shoe maker and he gave me new soles and tried to make them last as long as possible but now their time has come.

I’ve been looking for black booties in every second-hand shop I’ve been in for about a year.

I found these boots at Grüne Erde and what I can I say, I am in love. I’ve been eyeing these for about 2 months and I am currently saving up my heard earned coins to purchase these bad boys. I figured I’d rather invest in a good pair of shoes that will last me a very long time and be ok with purchasing them new. ( However, if you know a second-hand store that currently sells a similar bootie in size 40 holla at me ?)

8: Black Leggings

The exception I make with buying second- hand is underwear and leggings. These are from People Tree and are said to be of high endurance.

For me, tights are an essential, as I mostly wear dresses and skirts and I find them incredibly versatile.

9: Cable Neck Jumper

A good sweater is worth an investment.

I have 3 sweaters, a cashmere sweater that I bought in New York ( pre-Zero Waste), a 100% cotton sweater from a second-hand store and a beautiful organic wool sweater which was a gift from my mom.

I don’t need 10 sweaters so I want to make sure that when I buy one, it is of high quality and will last me for a very, very long time.

*This post includes affiliate links, for more info about my use of affiliate links please see my disclosure policy.


  • Aude P.
    February 6, 2017

    Hi! I’m really enjoying reading through your blog, as I’m really interested in this lifestyle myself. I got a really cool present for my birthday (from someone who knows me well): lifetime guarantee socks! I though you might find it interesting. They are of course a bit more expensive than your average H&M socks, but so far they’ve been excellent. It hasn’t been long enough to judge on quite how “tough” they are, but it’s worth looking into 🙂 Also, they came with minimal packaging.

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