Fall Capsule Wardrobe

IMG_2066I will be kicking off the beginning of Fall season with showing you my Fall capsule wardrobe.

If you haven’t read my first capsule wardrobe post, the reason why I minimized my closet to only my essential statement pieces was that I found myself wearing “my favorites” only and the rest of my clothes basically functioned as dust collectors. I started with downsizing to only 33 items, using the guidelines of Project 333. Over the course of one year, I bought the things I wanted to add to my capsule wardrobe preloved only and for Fall I am using many of the things that I have also used during the other seasons, adding sweaters and warmer boots.

Why I stuck to living with a capsule Wardrobe

This whole thing started as a bit of an experiment. I was very interested in the minimalist movement and really loved the idea of working with what you have and the sense of contentment that you feel when knowing you have enough.

I stuck to living with a capsule wardrobe because I find it way easier to manage. I have yet to find an occasion where I don’t have anything to wear to and if that happens, I am absolutely comfortable with borrowing something for one evening.

How I went about planning for my capsule wardrobe

Since I have already been living with a capsule wardrobe the sorting of the clothes has already happened las year, when I first started my capsule wardrobe. Back then I decided that for Fall I wanted my clothes to be a little darker, cosy but still stylish, so I opted for mostly blacks and navy blues but also beige and warm brown colors. Since Fall is my favorite Season, I wanted to add a few statement pieces and I was so happy when I found my orange silk scarf and my orange silk shirt.

I went for practical and simple pieces that could be dressed up or down and that go well with each other.

Bags: I use my vintage leather bag throughout the yeas as well as my bigger blue bag when I need to bring my laptop or Camera.

What has been the most surprising thing about living with a capsule wardrobe

  1. The most surprising thing was that I realised that no one actually noticed that I was wearing my clothes more frequently
  2. . I closet is more organized, and ironically, I have way more outfit choices than before.
  3. I dress better. And not just because my clothes are of better quality now that I am basically buying things twice a year, but also because I have less stuff to choose from, hence more time to put the perfect outfit together.

I would love to know about your experiences with capsule wardrobes, leave a comment or tag me on your preferred social media site.


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