Autumn Playlist


And all at once, summer collapsed into fall

I am all about Fall!!!

Not just because ’tis the season where a new year of Hogwarts starts, and where Zero Waste decorating becomes incredibly easy, Fall is the season I was born in, the season I have the best memories from and just ma faaaaaaavorite season, period.

When I was little Autumn couldn’t come fast enough and to this day I associate Fall with the excitement of the beginning of school, new textbooks, hot tea, early sunsets, cosy evenings listening to books on tape, red cheeks,¬†pumpkin pies, beautiful Autumn deco provided by non-other than mother nature itself, wearing tights with skirts and my big Autumn sweaters.


I am looking forward to cinnamon sticks in my apple cidre, delicious hardy dinners, movie evenings friends, beeswax candles in the evening and a colour pattern consitsting of mostly organge, dark red and rich brown tones.

I thought I might just share my exitement about Fall by sharing my “Autumn Tunes” playlist that I created to welcome Fall into my home .


Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 19.23.52


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