On The Edge


Just a quick post on a great exhibition that you simply need to go and see if you are around Aarhus area anytime soon.


The “On The Edge” exhibition at the ARoS Museum  is a collection of Robert Mapplethorpe’s best and most controversial work. This American artist has photographed some of the most iconic people of our time like Grace Jones, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Patti Smith and has broken barriers and boundaries in a time where it was not necessarily the trend to do so. The exhibition mainly focuses on his black and white photography and – through that- brings to your attention the personalities he was able to capture while focusing on light and texture. IMG_1891

I didn’t want to spoil the exhibition for anyone, so I am just posting a few pictures I took at the end of the exhibition where you are encouraged to dress up and pose next to Mapplethrope.


I really enjoyed learning more about this inspiring artist, but after two hours of art education I have to admit, I felt quite hungry, which is why I decided to grab a quick bite at the ARoS Cafe.


By the way, the ootd for my museum adventure was 100% second hand and part of my summer capsule wardrobe, that I will publish a post on later this week.


     I was so happy to find out that the ARoS Museum cafe has organic coffee and tea, and really delicious snacks, that come without packaging. I was also able to get my green tea in my mason jar, which was very convenient because once I was done snacking I could just put the lid on my jar and enjoy the rest of my tea while exploring the other exhibitions.


I highly encourage you to check out this thought provoking exhibition and- while you’re at it- experience ARoS Museum and their great other exhibitions to the fullest. I have, and I will provide you with more on my ARoS Museum Adventure next week.



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