Great Sights and Mountaintops


I have been home for quite some time now and since  my mom’s cooking is just oh so delicious, we decided to go hiking to burn some of those extra calories that we have consumed the past few days.


Equipped with healthy and delicious snacks, water and my beloved camera we started hiking up the Schober in Thalgau/ Austria.


Despite my new found love for working out, I am new to the hiking scene and the 2-hour hike up the mountain was perfect to fall in love with hiking.


The view along the way is breathtaking and I highly suggest that you take it all in. It is not about getting there fast, the journey is the destination.


I even found raspberries along the way. I can assure you freshly picked wild raspberries are a real treat and I’ll take those over gummy bears any day.


When we finally reached the top we shared grapes, apples, and a trail mix, enjoyed the view and took too many selfies to admit….



…. but can you blame us ?!


After a quick visit to the mountaintop “Frauenkopf”, we decided to finish our trip with lunch at the nearby hut, which was good but not overpriced that I highly suggest you bring your own lunch or just have lunch at one of the delicious restaurants back in Salzburg.

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