A Minimalist Approach to Zero Waste

If you know my blog, you know I am a dedicated DIY girl. I love trying out new recipes and creating my own bathroom and beauty products. After a recent talk with Emma Wallis for the radio show Pulse, where I talked about my Zero Waste lifestyle and actually shared my mascara recipe, I received a few emails, where I was asked about the time investment that goes into making my products and also, whether there were alternative products people can use that don’t want to make everything themselves.

Very valid questions in my opinion, since I always make living a Zero Waste lifestyle out to be this easy thing while constantly posting new recipes that people can try.

So I feel the need to clear something up:

Just because you live a Zero Waste lifestyle, it does not mean that you have to make your own products.

I make products as a hobby, because I enjoy it and because I love experimenting with new things. DIY products are great and cheap gift ideas and a fun activity that you can do with your friends, but by no means are they a necessity to a Zero Waste lifestyle.

These are the 4 single ingredient items that you can substitute your packaged products with without having to lift a finger in terms of DIY.

Here are the 4 single ingredients you’ll ever need for ZW.


Baking soda:  Can be used as toothpowder, deodorant, cleaning products, stain removal.

Castille soap: can be used as dishwasher soap, hand soap, shower lotion, shampoo.

Coconut oil: can be used as makeup removal, lotion and facemask, conditioner,
teeth whitening ( oil pulling), taking stickers off of glass jars,
shining leather, lubricant.

Distilled white vinegar: can be used for every cleaning purpose, as softener for your clothing, conditioner for your hair, limescale removal,
glass cleaner, kitchen cleaner, bathroom cleaner, stain removal.


  • Christine
    August 16, 2016

    Definitely a great list to get oneself started! Keeping in simple, just the way I like it (:

  • Nadine
    August 16, 2016

    Good to mention this! I think it’s a common misconception about the ZW lifestyle; that it takes sooooOOOooo much time and effort. It doesn’t, really, and once you make something a habit (i.e. composting), it just becomes part of your regular existence and doesn’t require extra time. I think, though, if you are practicing ZW and minimalism, DIY naturally comes into play. I love the challenge of it; “let’s see if this can be done”… and usually I end up with some great products and learn something new. I love that aspect of it. It is not required though! It’s just a fun bonus 🙂

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