Airbnb in Lahnstein

Last Sunday packed my little carry-on suitcase in my car and drove off to Lahnstein. 

During my 8 hour drive I discovered that I only had 2 albums on my phone, which gave me enough time to learn the entire “MAMMA MIA” soundtrack and Beyonce’s “Lemonade” album by heart 


 When I arrived at my Airbnb in Lahnstein, I was greeted by the lovely host with a hug and a nice cool glass of water, before she showed me around my home for the week.

This beautiful apartment looks like it was designed for a catalogue and I felt comfortable right away. 

I prefer staying in Airbnbs because you really experience the whole city differently if you live in a fully equipped home. I also love meeting the people of the town I am staying in and they always give me the best tips on the best places in town. 

I kept my bathroom essentials simple for the trip, for deodorant, I also brought some baking soda and for lotion, I brought a jar of coconut oil. 

I was in Lahnstein for a week and if you’re ever in a small town like that I highly recommend hitting the second-hand shops, as small towns usually have a range of good quality stuff in their second-hand shops. Just a little tip from me to you 😉 


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