Dying nude with Coffee

I always knew that coffe was a wonderful thing and incredibly delicious. I have used it numerus times as a face and body scrub and occasionally enjoy an almond cafe latte.What I didn’t know, however, was that coffee can also be used for dying clothes to a beautiful nude colour for my skin tone, which is perfect, since finding something in nude that will match my skin colour is not easy. As a side effect I have now dyed numerous white pieces of underwear nude, so beware, it can be addicting!

Here is what you need

Here is how you go about it

Make sure your fabric is clean as oil stains will prevent the colour to speard evenly.

Make your coffe as you normally would and simply soak your item in it. I used 3 Tsp. of coffe.

To achieve a colour similar to my bra, let it soak over night.

After soaking, simply wash the item out with clear water and then soak with white vinegar for 1 min.

I washed my braw in the washing machine, but handwashing with homemade laundry detergent will also do the trick.

After washing it I just let my bra airdry and wore it the next day with my favorite white dress.

No staining!

I would love to know about your experience with natural dye, leave a comment or simply tweet me @thewastedblog using #facilitate

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