Yoga with Adrienne

I still remember the first time I did yoga! I had signed up for hatha yoga at my high school and let me tell you: It was HORRIFIC!!!!
And not because my Yoga teacher was also my feared Russian teacher- even thoug that didn’t help – but because as a complete beginner, knowing nothing about yoga, I was terrified of the exercises that made my body make noises I have never even heard prior to this class.
So I decided that yoga was just simply not my cup of tea ….until recently.

Since I am still at university, sitting is what I do on the majority of my day. I have started getting stiff necks and shoulder pains more frequently and because that was even more annoying than the thought of exercising, I decided to give yoga one more chance.
This time I consulted YouTube and felt good with the decision of being at home, in complete control of the situation. After clicking through a few yoga videos, I stumbled across a channel called Yoga with Adrienne and let me tell you:  After doing the first yoga video, I called my bestie to try it out as well and declared myself a converted yoga person.

What I love about Adrienne’s approach is that she creates a safe, non- judgemental environment where it’s OK to have questions and where you feel part of a community that, like you, is trying to find a moment of peace in the madness of life.
I am currently doing Adrienne’s 30 Days of Yoga challenge and I can honestly say, that my day starts better after I have done some calming yoga poses.
I encourage you to see and try it out for yourself!


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