What’s in my Zero Waste Gym Bag


I have started working out quite a while ago, but when I moved to
Denmark, I finally decided to join a gym. Ever since then, I’ve been
working on the content of my gym bag in order to make it as efficient
and minimalistic as possible.

I go to the gym in my workout clothes (sports bra, organic cotton shirt, workout leggins), but I bring my workout shoes in an organic cotton bag and the rest of my workout essentials in an organic hemp toiletry travel bag.

I wash my face, body and hair with my organic soap bar and comb my hair while still in the shower. I use the shower brush for thorough cleaning under my armpits and wear the flip flops for sanitary reasons. After I used the homemade lotion for my body, face and hair, I apply some of my homemade deodorant and put on my homemade mascara, that I am currently obsessed with.

Another tip: Don’t forget to bring a lock to the gym! It is quite annoying to have to carry your gym bag around while working out.

I’d love to know what your Zero Waste gym bag looks like. Leave a comment or connect with me via social media @thewastedblog using #zerowaste


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