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Original Unverpackt // Wiener Straße 16, 10999 Berlin // Mon-Sat 09.30 am-19.30 pm // website



On my trip to Berlin there was one thing that I was eager and especially excited to do: visit the Original Unverpack store!

For those of you who don’t know about this amazing store yet, Original Unverpackt is a Berlin-based store, founded by Milena Glimbovski and Sara Wolf, that sells goods unpacked or in reusable packaging.

Their Zero Waste approach to selling everyday necessities is what makes this store unique and lovable.

The staff is incredibly nice, helpful and very informative about pretty much everything you’d like to know.

Next to incredible customer service OU stands out with their unique range of products that will make every Zero Waste heart beat faster.

You walk into the store and immediately feel the same sense of calm that you feel when shopping at a farmers market.

I mean isn’t this so much prettier than conventional supermarkets?

I brought my own containers and organic cotton bags and had those weighed. Original OU then labeled my containers and I was free to shop sustainably and zero waste, brilliant! At the till, the weight of my containers was simply subtracted and I only paid for the net weight of my groceries.

 Now to the most important thing: the dry goods!!!

 I am the kind of person that used to take stuff from the back of a shelf to make sure what I buy is as fresh as possible. At Original Unverpackt I didn’t even have to worry about that since you could see that the produce is fresh and people seem to buy tons of it. My proof was the bag of pistachios I bought. Let me tell you, they were probably the best I have had so far- crunchy and the right amount of saltiness….delicious!!!


The variety of spices made my mouth water while thinking about the amazing recipes I’d be able to create, using them.

 Even the toiletry shelf has everything a Zero Waste Heart adores! I stocked up on washing soda and a variety of palm oil free soap, which I was not able to find in Denmark yet.

 I usually wash my hair with a bar of soap (of which you can find plenty at Original Unverpackt), but if you prefer shampoo, you have enough options and ways to fill up your own bottle at the store.

Most of these soaps are palm oil free and they smell even better than they look.

There is also a little soap guide where it tells you which soap is best for which purpose.

 Let’s not forget about the wine people! I did not try it (as it was quite early in the morning), but a friend of mine comes here regularly to fill up a bottle for her fancy dinner parties and says she loves it.

All in all, it was such a great experience shopping at Original Unverpackt and I can’t wait to come back here. I mean, who can say that about their regular supermarket !?!!

I’d love to hear about your experience with Original Unverpackt or your local package free shops. Leave a comment or tweet me a pic at @thewastedblog using #zerowaste


  • I've been here before too when I was in Germany last year. It's great (:

  • Florine
    May 25, 2016

    I know right! I am so glad that there are finally stores like Original Unverpackt that show the rest of the world what's possible. Love, love, love your blog by the way. Beautiful pictures and great content!

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