Zero Waste Bathroom Travel Kit

Since I live in Denmark now, I travel quite a lot to see my family. I like to fit everything I am packing in one carry-on, so when it comes to bathroom and beauty equipment I need to keep it to the bare necessities in order to fit everything in. Luckily living the Zero Waste lifestyle has taught me how to use multi- purpose items and has given me the gift of being more organized and realistic about the things I’ll actually use when travelling. That way I am good to go wherever my journey might take me.

Soap bar:

This is probably my most essential bathroom item. I
use it to wash my face at night, in the shower instead of body wash and
shampoo ( I find washing with soap makes my curls look extra
bouncy), instead of shaving cream and as part of my mascara recipe. I am
very picky with my soap
bars and only purchase ones that are free of sodium palmate ( palm
oil). I keep my soap in a small handkerchief as I found it the most
convenient way to transport soap without making a mess.

Safety razor:
I love this razor! It is such a smooth shave, I no longer have ingrown
hairs and just find the overall experience of shaving much more

Deodorant: The simplest ( and to me the
most effective) deodorant recipe consist of 3 ingredients: baking soda,
coconut oil, Shea butter. I keep it in a small glass jar and usually
apply it once a day. It lasts a very long time.

I am currently trying out recipes for homemade perfume.  Right now,  I just use mix my favorite essential oils ( vanilla and rose) with vodka or gin and distilled water, I have gotten quite a few compliments on my perfume lately, so I suppose it works.

Body lotion/ Body oil:  I make my own lotion, which I fill into small mason jars to take with me on
trips. I use it for my face, as a body lotion and also put it in my hair after
washing for more defined curls( don’t try that with straight hair

Sometimes, if I am too lazy to make my own lotion, I just mix sweet almond oil and argan oil put it in a bottle and call it a day.

White distilled vinegar:

I use this to rinse my hair, as an anti- bacterial spray, to clean.
Wooden Comb: Since my hair is very curly, I only comb my hair in the shower.

5 hairpins and 2 hair ties: Are all I need to fix my hair for every occasion.

Diva cup:

Since I track my period with the Clue period tracker, I usually know when I
need to be prepared. When I do, I simply pack my Lunette Diva Cup  and a few
reusable pads and I am good to go.

Eyebrow pencil: I am still using up my organic eyebrow pencil that I bought 3 years ago.
Once that one is gone I will figure out a way to make it myself.

When I finished up my Dr. Hauschka mascara, I started making my own
using this recipe and quite frankly,  I am in love with it. I found the
recipe on, which is an amazing Zero Waste blog that
is definitely worth checking out.

I would love to know what your travel essentials are. Leave a comment or connect with me via social media @thewastedblog using #zerowaste






  • chacha
    November 25, 2017

    Where did you get your wooden comb? Thanks for the nice blog!!

  • Mar
    January 5, 2018

    I would love to know which suitcase do you use! I have been trying to find one sustainable and four-wheel but couldn’t manage to.

    Thanks a lot!

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