Why I Chose to Support Eco-fashion Brands


Since I live a Zero Waste lifestyle, I often get asked about my take on ethical fashion.

What we can probably all agree on is that fast fashion is no way to go!
For me, it is a no-brainer that I don’t want to be part of an industry
exploiting people who don’t have a choice.

I truly think that the
only thing that differs us from those less fortunate is circumstance and
opportunity and has nothing to do with anyone being deserving of whichever situation they are in.

Under different circumstances, this could be us.

In 11th grade my school offered an internship at BMW in Munich where we
had to work on a conveyor, sorting screws for hours. There, I got a tiny
glimpse of what it means to work in a monotone environment without being
able to actually see the process of production. The
difference was that there, we worked under the absolute best conditions
possible. We had better food than some of us even had at home and we
were treated well, with respect and dignity. That,however,  is not the
case with most fast fashion companies.

I can’t even imagine doing that type of work while being hungry, missing my family, worrying about existential things like food and clean water or even being sexually assaulted.

I have watched a lot of documentaries and have read a decent amount of
articles about this horrifying topic, with people defending fast fashion
with the argument that if we( the employing countries) didn’t employ people from developing countries, they would be even worse off. Companies make excuses saying that people working under these degrading conditions are
used to this life and don’t know any better. I, however,
refuse to believe these nonsense justifications because I think that
even if both of those arguments are true, there is no reason why we should
maintain something so unethical and exploiting. By hiring people to produce fast fashion and teaching
them to do only one thing, we not only take away the opportunity for them to learn a
full skill, we take away their opportunity to build
something for themselves without being dependent on big corporations.

I fully agree that buying second hand is the most sustainable way to shop for clothes, but lately, I have been thinking about the brands that want
to make a difference, ethical fashion brands that care for the
environment, that do so much good but don’t get supported enough.

This post is dedicated to all those amazing designers and brands who provide us with not only good looking, original and fashionable
bits and pieces, but who also design and produce with a certain
consciousness of our planet and the people who live on it. It’s those
designers who inspire me and that I admire.

Here is a list of links to websites of brands that I have thoroughly researched and deemed to be worth  supporting.
Join me on my journey and help support designers and brands, who strive to achieve the same goal of living consciously.

If there is a brand that you think should be on this list but isn’t, leave a comment or tweet me at @thewastedblog using #fashion


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