Top 5 Zero Waste Moving Tips

I did it!

I finally moved my life to Denmark.

While that was not an easy step to take, doing it Zero Waste style challenged me in a whole other way.

There were so many things to think of and so many opportunities to avoid waste,  that I thought I’d just share with you my top 5 Zero Waste moving tips.

Get your moving boxes second hand

I was surprised by how many things you can find second hand. I managed to buy all my moving boxes second hand. Had I not found them second hand, I would have gone to a super marked and asked them for their empty banana boxes. Supermarkets are usually always glad to provide you with as many boxes as you need – for free!
Because the “fragile” tape was mandatory, I only managed to find it second hand, which is not Zero Waste, but better than buying it new.

Hop on someone else’s ride 

Since I moved to a place that is about 1000 kilometers from my hometown, I decided to hire a conveyance company to move my 9 boxes to Denmark. Little did I know the prices would be out of this world. So my grandpa had the brilliant idea to ask a conveyance company whether they would be in Denmark anytime soon and since I was flexible concerning time, the company just packed my boxes for their next trip to Denmark and I ended up paying 160 Euros for the transport. What a bargain!

Take the time to declutter

As I mentioned before,  it took 9 boxes to move my life to Denmark.

Before I was able to pack everything into 9 boxes, I had to downsize a whole lot.

Moving is the perfect opportunity to declutter and only pack the things you truly love.

Everything else can go to second-hand stores, shelters, recycling and friends. If you need some tips on how to declutter, I can highly recommend the book “The Life- Changing Magic of Tidying” by Marie Kondo.

Tip: Bare in mind that you do not need to keep things just because the were gifted, expensive or could potentially be needed later.

Buy your “new” things second hand 

As a student, I am always looking for things to be cheap and of high quality. That sounds contradictory but let me tell you, it is doable.

You won’t believe the amazing and beautiful things you can find preloved if you just look for them.

Since I am a lover of all things wood, I was beyond happy when we found beautiful wooden chairs and an antique wooden table for under 50 Euros.

Buying second-hand furniture does not only ease your wallet but also gives your apartment character and a unique flair.

Take some time to enjoy the process
Aka don’t sweat the small stuff! In the beginning, I felt quite overwhelmed with all that change that was about to happen. But when I arrived at my new place, I wished that I could have enjoyed the last few days at my old place a little more. Learn from my mistake and plan your moving trip with a few days extra to meet people and maybe even throw a little party. After all, life is about creating memories isn’t it?!

If you are interested in my moving journy, find me on snapchat: thewastedblog

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  1. March 5, 2016 / 10:51 pm

    Hej. Congrats on moving, and welcome to the cold. I'm not sure where you have moved to, but I'm in Copenhagen, and if you have any newcomer questions, just ask.

    • March 6, 2016 / 12:51 pm

      That is so sweet thank you. I might just get back to you on that offer 🙂 I moved to beautiful Aarhus and I love it. What an incredibly vibrant and exciting city!

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