Buckwheat Pancakes


The benefits of

Besides having a warming effect buckwheat is
very high in protein, which makes it the perfect breakfast option for people
who have to be up and running from the second they wake up. It is very good for
drawing out retained water and since it’s a seed and not a grain it contains no

Here’s what you need to make delicious
buckwheat pancakes:


·     1 cup of buckwheat flour

·     1 1/2 cups of water

·     A pinch of salt

·     Coconut oil 

# Mix flour, water and salt in a blender- it
should have a thick, creamy texture ( like from a milkshake).

# Heat up your pan and melt the coconut oil
before pouring the dough in.

# Fry until the ends turn brown, flip, done!


Apple-mango sauce: 

# Simply cut up 4 apples and 1 mango.  

# Cook the
apples in water for about 10 min. mix everything in a blender, done!

# Garnish everything with a cinnamon and honey
and enjoy your healthy breakfast option.

If I am not in the mood for something sweet I just fry a few mushrooms, garlic
and tomatoes in a pan with some olive
oil, add sour cream and I am in heaven.

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