Homemade Brown Rice Sushi


 Who doesn’t like sushi? I for one looove it, so naturally, I made my homemade version fit my health standards and came up with a brown rice sushi recipe. 

Here is what you need

  • 3-4 Sheets of nori ( I particularly like the sushi-nori by Ruschin Makrobiotik)
  • 1 1/2 Cups of well cooked brown rice ( cook a little bit longer than usual)
  • 1 Pepper/ Cucumber/ Avocado/ raw organic salmon – whatever floats your boat
  • Organic Soy Sauce
  • Sesame seeds


# Spread the rice thinly over the nori sheet but leave about an inch clear at the bottom.

# Make sure you don’t use too much rice and leave room for it to expand when rolled.

Lay out your chosen filling in a thin line across the sheet and start rolling from the top.

# When it is rolled use a bit of water to make the nori sheet stick.

# Take a sharp knife and slice 1 inch rounds.

# Dip Sushi in soy sauce and then sesame seeds and enjoy!

What id your favorite sushi filling? Leave a comment or tweet me at @thecapitalF using #food


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