Workout Essentials

Yes people,  I finally got hooked on working out.

Inspired by the danish lifestyle, I started working out at the beginning
of summer and finally have managed to create a habit and -believe it or
not- now love working out.

I will tell you all about the workouts I have discovered and the things
that have worked for me, but as of today I thought I might just share
with you my workout essentials.

 Sports bra

I really love this one by the brand People Tree,
because they only use organic materials.This is very important and
since you’re going to wear this bra quite frequently I say invest in
something that doesn’t expose you to all kinds of toxins. 

Running shoes   I got these second hand on ebay. I highly encourage you to do the same
not just because it is the cheapest way to get high quality running
shoes but also because that way you will not feed into the fast fashion
industry and still have all the benefits.

Workout DVD’s/ YouTube Channel
 I love finding new workouts on YouTube, and they are a cheap yet effective way to get your workout in while travelling.

Workout leggings

There is something to be said about the fit of a good pair of workout leggings- makes working out twice as fun. 

Yoga mat* (for when you do workout DVD’s)

This Manduka eKO mat is made out of biodegradable material and is- in my opinion- the best eco- mat on the market right now.

A sustainable 
water bottle 

This bottle is a soulbottle, which I truly believe is the best sustainable water bottle out there and so worth the investment!

* indicates an affiliate link, for more info about my use of affiliate links please see my disclosure policy

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