People Tree

On my search for organic Fair Trade yet fashionable clothes I have discovered a brand that I think deserves an extra mention on this blog.

Of course I am talking about the brand People Tree which stands for sustainable and Fair Trade Fashion.

I love about this brand and the clothes they produce is that there is a
story behind every piece of clothing. Wearing something from
People Tree makes you feel like you are wearing a story, a statement
and an opinion. The products they produce are handmade and not only look
fabulous but have the most divine quality.

Some of these amazing pieces can be quite pricey, but People Tree
always has a “sale section” with a big variety of clothes to choose from. 

Ebay is also a great alternative! 

I got this beautiful Madeleine Drape Jacket by People Tree
for only 10 Euros on Ebay- what a bargain!!!

 I would describe People Tree’s style as understated, very fashionable,  fresh and sophisticated . You can dress ’em up and dress ’em  down, which makes those wonderful clothes suitable for every occasion.

When people talk about those “few
pieces you should invest in” (like the little black dress) I always
imagine clothes just like the ones from People Tree. You can perfectly
wear them with other brands because the clothes represent the kind of
minimalism that is extraordinary in it’s own way but is also perfect to
mix and match.

If I shop for a basic, timeless and classy wardrobe piece, People Tree is where I find what I am looking for.

I should probably mention that I am in no way being sponsored by anyone for this post and am only stating my personal opinion.

What is your favorite Eco- fashion brand ? Leave a comment or tweet me at @thecapitalF using #fetching


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