Sticking with your workout routine

Who doesn’t know this feeling of setting the goals, planning everything in detail and yet never quite being able to follow through. 

Well I have had my fair share of  trial and error in the fitness department but I am slowly figuring out what works in terms of motivation and what doesn’t. 

Here are my tips to sticking with a routine:

Create a Habit

How do you create a habit? By repetition! 

takes about 2 Months to form a habit, which means if we stick to our
regimen for more then two months, chances are high that we’ll be able to
continue with our routine. It is easier to get into the mindset of
having to do something for 2 months then commiting to a workout for the
rest of your lives! đŸ™‚

Don’t look at your scale

Muscles weigh more then fat and there is no reason to get discouraged by what our scale tells us.

Be patient 

are not going to show overnight but over time. Let’s try not to focus
on immediate results but on how we feel every day after our work out.

Start slowly

find a workout that starts with the basics and work our way up to a
higher level. We will be motivated by the sense of accomplishment and
not discouraged by exercises that are yet to hard for us to do.

Make working out about more then just weight loss

It is very easy to fall back into old habits once we’ve lost a little bit of weight. So rather then focusing on weight loss, we should focus on living a new lifestyle with the goal of living a healthier and more active life.

Reward yourself

yoga my reward after a very exhausting class is to take some time to
lay down and do absolutely nothing, maybe doze off or sink into an
exciting day dream. After a workout I love treating myself to a
delicious green smoothie or a vegan banana vanilla milkshake.
I also like fresh sparkling water, some good stretches and a nice hot
shower with my favorite homemade body wash. Kisses are also a nice
reward and you actually burn a few extra calories while those endorphins
are released.

Do you have any motivational tips for sticking to your workout routine? 

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