Advent Stroll

In my previous post “Walking in a Winter Wonderland” I talked about the importance of prioritising my family and friends. The snow is gone but my determination to stick to my goals of spending more time with the fam is as strong as ever.


I have to admit I am usually not the one to suggest going for a walk, but every time my family convinces me to, I am glad I went. 

I have been living in the same town for over 19 years, yet it seems there are still some magical, hidden spots I haven’t explored yet.

If you have never seen a traditional Austrian hut before, this is exactly what they look like.

This house was built in 1770 and is still the most beautiful house on the street. This incredibly sunny yellow looks even better in person.

Our last stop was this flower shop, where my Christmas spirit reawakened- I mean how could it not!

We finished off our day drinking delicious ginger and orange vanilla tea, girl chatting and finally heading home, feeling content.

What are your family traditions around Christmas time?  Leave a comment or tweet me at @thecapitalF using #favorite


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