9 Zero Waste Winter Essentials


It’s officially winter now! I have to say, I wasn’t excited at the beginning. I wasn’t ready to get out my winter coat and boots just yet and it seemed way to early for the stores to hang up their Christmas decorations. But after the first signs of snow I came around and started to prepare for may favorite holiday with my ever-returning winter essentials, which I can’t wait to share with you! They are zero waste, non-toxic, inexpensive and above all: lovely!

A fireplace/homemade candles: No need for fairy lights!

Favorite tea: This is where you can get creative! I love creating
my own tea flavors  ( and once I’ve come to create one I especially
like it makes for a great Christmas gift).

Delicious Christmas treats: I also love baking my vanilla almond butter cookies.

My hands, feet and face are always completely dry during the winter, so I make my lotion extra nourishing to get me
through the cold.

 Delicious food and dinner parties: This is the time for home cooked meals and Christmas dinners.
Host soirees and challenge your guests to bring a Zero Waste dish of their choice.

A good book: Winter is the perfect time to spoil yourself and take some time to read or listen to a great audiobook while baking Christmas treats.


A comfortable winter sweater: 
I got this incredibly beautiful sweater off of eBay, it is by the organic fashion

people tree and looks and feels like it’s new: The best thing about is:
I payed 15 Euros for a sweater that would have cost me around 100 Euros. You won’t believe how many Christmas sweaters are bought, worn once and
then given to second hand stores.  I say let’s take advantage of
that, save some money, be good to the environment and enjoy the endless
choices second hand stored have to offer!


Board games: There are only few things better than inviting your friends over for some hot cocoa, playing board games and chatting the night away! 

A cuddle buddy: Because a shared moment tops an ordinary moment any day!

 What are your winter essentials? Leave a comment or tweet me at @thecapitalF using #favorite

*Photo Credit: Some of photos were taken from the website StockSnap.io


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