What I loved most in Ribe | Denmark

Yes, I went to yet another city in Denmark: Ribe.

Ribe is Denmarks oldest town, situated on the west coast of southern Jutland in Denmark and established in the early 700s. I went there for a day and don’t worry, I’ll tell you all about it.

We arrived quite early in the day on a Saturday.

The weather was gloomingly beautiful and it turned out we were in luck since there was a jazz-
festival in Ribe and the city was filled with music.


 If you are ever in Ribe, the first thing you should do is book a guided tour!

Ribe has so much to offer when it comes to the history of Denmark, that a guided tour through Ribe is almost a must. From the architecture of buildings that are centuries over centuries old, to the myths and sagas of the city.

What I loved most in Ribe was the art in the Domkirke. The paintings were created by Carl Henning Pedersen between 1982-1987 and I found it incredibly refreshing to see these fairly modern and different interpretations of ancient stories.

But even if you don’t book a tour, a walk through the adorable streets with their indescribable flair are worth your while.

 It is quite a touristy place so feel free to branch out on your own adventurous excursion and explore all the cute hidden cafes and if I may, I would suggest paying Luscious Organic Cafe & Store a visit.

I had the best day in Ribe and if you are as much of a Denmark freak as I am, I suggest paying Ribe a visit.

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