Green Shirts

Yes, another fashion post! How long has it been? Faaaaar too long!

Why you ask? Well let me tell you: I would love to write more about fashion brands I truly believe in and support but it seems like I only come across a brand that is worthy to write about once in a blue moon.
But that blue moon has occurred and I have been trying out 2 T-shirts of the German fashion brand GREEN SHIRTS for the past few weeks and I’ve got to say: I really like what they are doing.

When GREEN SHIRTS approached me in the beginning, I was sceptical.
As you have probably guessed, I am not that kind of blogger that only wants to make money out of the content I write about and since I have not heard of their brand, I had to do some thorough research before agreeing to try out their  clothes for a potential blog post.

What I discovered was an honest brand with a clear vision to produce sustainable and ethically made clothes.
I liked their apporach to fair working conditions as well as using garments made out of organic cotton,
linen, tencel as well as of recycled raw materials.

I really liked the quality of the shirts, because they are super soft and very comfortable to lounge in.
Even after putting them into the washing mashine,
they still looked and felt really good ( the pictures were taken after putting them into the machine twice).

The two pieces you see in the pictures are now a part of my fall capsule wardrobe and
I have been wearing them quite a lot.

If you go to their website you can see that they colaborate with different designers on their collections,
which gives them a fresh and unique style that constantly evolves and changes. However there is something to say about the fit.
With shirts I usually am a size S but as you can see on the picture the shirts are still quite a lose fit.
If you prefer a tighter fit, I would suggest going for a smaller size.
All in all I was pleasently surprised by GREEN SHIRTS and will be purchasing garments there in the future.

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