The Second Hand Challenge


It’s September and the Ethical Writers Coalition  has decided that it was time for a Second Hand Challenge.

Basically, all you have to do to participate in this challnge is to buy second hand first. Sounds easy right?

There are many reasons why this second hand challenge makes sense, but here are my 3 main reasons for  participating:

Health benefits

We often don’t even think about the chemicals that are used on new clothes. Since the skin is our biggest organ, I can only imagine what effects that will have on my body on the long run and I don’t necessarily want to use my skin as a sponge for toxic chemicals. If, however, I chose to buy my things second hand, I know, that the clothes will have been washed a certain amount of times and therefore the toxic intake that my skin has to endure is way less. Another benefit is that if the clothes you buy have already been washed a certain amount of times and they still haven’t lost their colour or texture, you know that you are buying something that you can plan on having longer then one season.



Along with the fast fashion industry come the problems of producing too much too fast, without a care for the environment nor the people. There is already a huge amount of things available to us, so why not take advantage of that first, while reducing our ecological footprint.

Cost effective

Whether you  have a full-time job, are a student on a budget or a stay at home parent, this must be an attractive point to you. Obviously, things you buy used are cheaper then when you buy them new. It is almost  ironic how much money you can save by buying something that is more likely to be durable because it has passed the test of being used and cleaned several times, but hey, I don’t mind that one bit!

When talking about buying second hand we usually think of clothes, but
there are many more things that we can/should get second hand, like pens
and paper, kitchen utensils or even furniture.

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