Girls trip to the Chalet

And once in a while you need to take a girls trip.

Me and 2 of my favorite gal pals decided to spend 2 days at a beautiful chalet in Austria, sorounded by mountains,

 bees and the beautiful scent of freshly cut grass and a vast variety of flowers.

We wanted something different for a change and so we decided to

 escape all the noise we have gotten so used to in the city. 

When we arrived we first had some snacks( …of course!) and then decided to go for a little walk and explore the area 🙂

We came back with an appetite for healthy delicious food and decided
to cut up some vegetables and potatoes and roast them in the oven with some olive oil, garlic and rosemary that we found in the garden.

We spent most of the evening playing DKT-which is an equivalent to Monopoly-
drinking tea and talking,
before we decided to hit the sauna for a good sweat and some girl talk.

After an hour long sauna/spa session we fell into our beds and into a 13 hour (!) sleep.

The next morning we started with a delicious fruit- and vegetable plate, grape juice, whole wheat bread and peppermint tea.

In the afternoon we helped ourselves to fresh, homemade lemonade and went for a barefoot walk through nature.

We went home the next morning, well rested, ready to take on new projects and feeling a little closer to each other.

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