Project 333 – Minimalist Wardrobe
It’s no secret that I love fashion. I have always seen it as a form of art and expression.
However I decided that this love for fashion should never compromise my passion
for sustainability and my eco-friendly approach to life.
Just like art, I don’t believe that fashion should be trend-oriented and it is more about finding your own personal style.
Fashion for me is about finding the perfect piece of clothing that one feels
comfortable and beautiful in and creating a classic wardrobe that
lives through ones personal sense of style

However what I think has nothing to do with fashion, is the ever developing
fast fashion trend, that basically makes it impossible to find
your own style within all these choices and not only encourages mindless indulging in
things we do not need, but also feeds industries that have nothing else in mind but to make
money off of people, without respecting their basic human rights.

I have just recently watched the documentary “True Cost” and it
reminded me of my own values and I have since decided to not only changed where, but also how I shop.

Along with that, I found this amazing challenge called Project 333.
The basic idea of this challenge is to build a 33 piece capsule wardrobe for 3 months,
which includes shoes, bags and jewelry, which you change every 3 months.

What drew me to this project was the challenge of creating the perfect wardrobe for 3 months in the
smartest,”chiquest” and most sustainable way possible.

This made me consider that whatever I buy new, has to be something I really like and cherish and that is of good quality in order to last several years.

 I also had to pick pieces that were easy to mix and match, to dress up and down and that I could use
for several occasions.

Most people usually put the rest of their clothes in storage but I decided to only keep
the clothes that I would need for my autumn and winter capsules and
gave the other clothes to my friends and second hand shops

I now only invest in quality pieces, organically produced and
traded fairly, since I’ll hopefully have them for several years.
There will be seasonal changes but for the 3 summer months I lived with the following( underwear, socks and tights are counted as one by the way):

Summer  Capsule Wardrobe List

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