Packing Guide for Copenhagen

Since currently live with a 33 piece capsule wardrobe, it made packing for Copenhagen very easy.

But when packing for Copenhagen I forgot about one thing: the wind! 

I did not bring a jacket ( but I bought the amazing orange jacket at a
second hand shop in Copenhagen)  and nope, I did not bring pants ( I
mean really, pants are overrated). 

Here is
what I did bring: 



Tips for a unique Copenhagen experience on a budget: 

  • Rent an Airbnb. That way you won’t spend all your money on accommodation. If you prefer a hostel I can highly recommend the Urban House hostel.
  • If you want to meet people, book a 10 bed dorm and the rest will happen naturally – if it doesn’t, just start the conversation with “Where are you from?” or ask for information about the city.
  • Since it is very expensive to eat out in Copenhagen I suggest finding one of the local farmers markets and making your own food at the your airbnb apartment or your hostel ( most hostels provide some kind of kitchen space). 

         Here is the address to a great market:

      Torvehallerne // Frederiksborggade 21 // Mon-Thu 10am-7pm, Fri 10am-8pm, Sat 10am-6pm, Sun 11am-5pm // website 

  • Buy a bike! Yes you read it right I wrote “buy”, because renting a bike can be quite pricey. Second hand bikes are not very expensive in Copenhagen ( I am talking € 30- €50) and after your stay you can just sell it and have no expenses whatsoever. Here is a link to a great site to buy a bike.


There is a ton of stuff you can do in Copenhagen and I am sure you have
already read about all the touristy things you can do. That is why I
will provide you with a guide of second hand shops, restaurants and
places that I think are worth seeing in my next post.

What is on your packing list? Leave a comment or tweet me at @thecapitalF using #Copenhagen


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