L.Y.S.- Live Your Story

L.Y.S.- Live Your Story

Once in while I write posts about fashion labels I love and respect.

The fashion label I will introduce you to today is very dear to my heart for a number of reasons.


About the label: 

L.Y.S is a very young fashion label by young designer called Marlene who I am lucky enough to call one of my best friends. The label stands for unique design and prides itself with not only being handmade, using recycled material and fairly produced fabrics but also follows the Zero Waste movement by only using recyclable material for packaging and using all fabric remnants for small creative bits and pieces like price tags. But that’s not all: L.Y.S donates €1 of every sold item to a different charity with every new collection and Marlene is currently working on her own charity project for war refugees with a workshop that gives refugees the opportunity to work for the L.Y.S label under fair conditions, next to Marlene,  where they can learn helpful skills and occupy themselves with stimulating and creative work.


L.Y.S Vision


What makes L.Y.S so special is it’s vision to combine comfort, quality and
classical designer gear with the debate on current political topics
and therefore not only makes us love the pieces we live in but also
appreciate them and reminds us of what is important and what fashion should really be about.

About the designer: 

Marlene is a 22 year old designer with specific interest in politics and the environment.

She studied political science at the university of Vienna and worked as an intern for YLVA before she decided to branch out and start her own business, which combines her love for fashion and creativity with politics and late world issues.  

Interview with the designer: 

How did you come up with the idea of L.Y.S?

I have always loved drawing and sewing things ever since I was 4 years
old, when I made my first paper dresses for my dolls.  I always wanted to
watch my mom and aunt sew something and I was overjoyed, when I was allowed
to use the sewing machine myself. This pattern continued throughout my
years of high school, where I drew sketches during classes and used every
opportunity to throw fashion shows. During my university years I neglected
that creative part of me, until I started working for YLVA, where I
got a glimpse of how it’s done in the fashion world. When I went to study in
Norway for one semester I met a lot of people who inspired me. I started
seeing my path more clearly and decided to dedicate my attention to my great
first love: designing and fashion. And on New Years Eve 2015 I decided to start my own label called
L.Y.S .




What’s behind the name L.Y.S?

L.Y.S is Norwegian for light.

“Live Your Story” represents everyone’s story and embraces individuality, that makes our life and everything around it unique.

What do you love most about the brand?

L.Y.S is my baby and I love watching the idea grow and develop.
Through L.Y.S I have met so many interesting people and heard so many
interesting stories and new friendships have been built and that is what
L.Y.S is all about: connecting people.

What is the next step for the brand? 

 After Chapter N°1 naturally
there is going to be a Chapter N°2 with my fall collection and the story of
L.Y.S will be continued.
With every collection there is a story that can
be read online to understand the background of the collection and is to be
added to the book of the L.Y.S story.


I have watched this amazing fashion
brand come to life and own several pieces myself.  The quality is
amazing since this is one of Marlene’s main focus points. The pieces are
completely unique and one-of-a-kind. If you are looking for a new
statement piece for your wardrobe that has everything you are looking
for in terms of quality, sustainable Eco-fashion and price, I urge you
to check out the website at www.lys.fashion.


What is your favorite L.Y.S  fashion piece ? Leave a comment or tweet me at @thewastedblog using #fashion


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