Zero Waste Shopping spree

Today I went Zero Waste food shopping, paid € 44,78 for all organic products and got everything I need for an entire week.

I always shop at my local organic health-food store( on Monday) or my local farmers market ( on Thursday), since it is quite easy to buy food there that is not packaged. 

And  here is what I bought

Bare in mind that I already have quinoa, brown rice , a few varieties of
whole wheat grain, dried beans and chickpeas, whole whole wheat pasta potatoes and my
homemade whole wheat bread at home.

  • 1 head
    of lettuce

For green
juice, salad, wraps and sandwiches

  • 4
    Mirasol peppers

For a quick
snack, with rice and beans, on bread or soup

  • 1 green
    Rocotillo Chile peppers

To bake in
the oven and enjoy with potatoes, a nice salad or just with a little salt or
olive oil

  • 6 pears

For a quick
snack, on bread,  for my breakfast bowl
or as compote with rice

  • 3 lemons

For my
tea,  salad dressings, fried with
garlic for taste enhancement, for bread with honey and lemon juice….nom, nom.

  • 1 tomato

For tomato
salad, delicious sauce for spaghetti, rice, beans or quinoa

  • 2

For a snack
and my breakfast bowl

  • 1 bowl
    of strawberries

For my
breakfast bowl, smoothies or just to enjoy with a dollop of whipped cream

  • 6 onions

To enhance
the taste of every meal with vegetables, best enjoyed when caramelized with
honey, for onion bread or homemade onion rings

  • 1

Baked in the
oven or cooked, enjoyed with a pinch of salt and olive oil

  • 1 garlic

For herb
butter, tzatziki and potatoes roasted in the oven with a bit of rosemary

  • 1 glass
    filled with dried bananas ( sweetened with honey only)

For snacks
and rewards after my Tracy Anderson workouts

  • 1

My favorite
snack, for tzatziki

  • 1kg of local organic honey

everything tastes better with a little honey

  •   0,5 l of sour cream

For tzatziki, my
breakfast bowl, for rice dishes

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